About Us

NRNS Software is an experienced team that creates simple, focused software. Our talented people and solid process allows us to rapidly turn ideas into real, functioning and useful software.
We came about with the simple goal of making software that makes a difference. What does this mean though?

In the case of our core product, Bill-E, it means taking a different approach to billing services. Leveraging Ausfits experience in supporting the worlds largest health and fitness franchise, we are creating something unique in the industry. A fully integrated recurring billing platform, with a simple yet powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.
This means most industries that use both CRM and recurring billing as core components will be able to leverage a single butt based tool for 80% of their business needs, freeing you up to get on with being in business.

NRNS & Ausfit
Uniquely positioned in the Payment Processing and Recurring Billing worlds, NRNS Software combines a decades-long track record of unmatched customer satisfaction with cutting-edge enterprise technology – the Bill-E Payment Platform – to deliver the industry’s most flexible, innovative and cost-effective solutions for Recurring & Subscription Billing, Credit Card & Direct Debit Processing, and CRM integration.

In conjunction with parent company (and recurring billing pioneer in the health and fitness industry) Ausfit, NRNS Software combines over 20 years in the payment services and business management software industry with a relentless focus on helping clients achieve their goals.

By leveraging the revolutionary Bill-E Payment Management Platform, clients not only have access to the most feature-rich payment technologies available today, but also to a one-stop solution that combines eCommerce, true Recurring & Subscription Billing, and full Payment Processing capabilities with easy-to-use customer management functionality.

What we believe
We consider most software is too complicated. Generally speaking, it has too many features, too many things to click and too much to learn. We believe that if you need to lock out a day to learn how to use it, it’s too complicated.
NRNS build solutions that work smarter, feel natural, and allow you to do things the way you work. This means that our clients can get on with the business of being in business, and worry less about the technology that drives it.

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